Middle Lodge Pigs

Audreys Frequently Asked Questions

As they say "no question is a stupid question " and if you are thinking about keeping pigs you will have lots !

Audrey has answered some questions here and she hopes they may help you.


If you do have a question that is not covered here then please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible and add it to her list.


Can you keep me as a pet?

You could keep one of us as a pet but we tend not to be at are happiest unless we are allowed to have a couple of litters a year or we tend to get very moody!

Could you keep me indoors?

NO we do not like living indoors! As pigs we are natural browsers and enjoy rooting in the soil, the thought of living indoors all year is unthinkable! Besides which when fully grown we are very large animals and would never fit on your sofa,we might however eat it!!

What do you need to keep me - practical, admin, legal?

Unfortunatly the same rules apply whether you are keeping me as a pet or as a farm animal! Firstly you will need to have a County Parish Holding Number which you can get from the Rural Payments Agency. You then need to get a Herd number from your local animal health office. In addition you will need emL2 movement licences available on the BPA website. It sounds complicated but it is not and I am worth it!!


How much will it cost you to get everything i need?

The most expensive items are likely to be the secure fencing I need and a house for me to live in which if bought new is likely to be around the £300.00 mark. You can get a cheaper version or make your own! Other than that I need a good solid and heavy water trough. Then its the ongoing cost of feed .


How much space do i need?

The recommended area is six sows per acre but please remember that we do make a mess of our paddocks quite quickly and will need moving regularly to give the ground time to recover. This happens quicker in the winter. It also depends on how long you are keeping us for as the bigger we grow the more space we need.


What books are best to buy to learn how to look after me properly?

I can recommend two really good ones: Starting with Pigs written by Andy Case and Keeping Pigs written by Tony York.