Middle Lodge Pigs

We moved near Blandford in  Dorset in 2008 from our city life in Portsmouth accompanied by our retired greyhounds Sheba and Joe


The house we have has a good amount of land and our love of animals naturally led us to getting our first chickens, Patricia and Joyce. But we wanted more ! So we began to investigate pig keeping.


On a trip to the Dorset County show in 2009 we met Maureen and Andy Case and the Oxford Sandy and Black. Their passion and enthusiasm for the breed was infectious and so we decided that the Oxford was the breed for us!


Originally buying two gilts from the Longash herd of Oxford Sandy and Blacks, one for breeding  and the other for the freezer, we have gone on to rear many pigs for meat. 

All our pigs live as natural a life as possible mainly in a semi woodland setting which gives them the environment they need to naturally forage and root around.


We have one breeding Sow called Audrey, she is a pedigree, and registered with the British Pig Association, you will hear more from Audrey as you go through the website, she is on hand to answer those questions you may all have if you too are thinking about pig keeping.


Our love of the Oxford Sandy and Black comes from their:

  • Friendly  nature
  • Good temperament,
  • Great tasting pork,
  • Excellent pig for beginners.


 We also breed and rear Kune Kune pigs on our smallholding who are also adorable and interesting .


Please feel free to contact us if you want to:

  • Ask any questions 
  • Want to come and see our pigs with a cup of tea !
  • Buy one of our Oxford Sandy and Black weaners which are for sale.
  • Purchase any of our wonderfull meat.


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